What is a Data file?

Do you want to send a direct mail, do you want to do market research or do acquisition by telephone? Our current address data and unique features enable a specific target group selection in Data Files.
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The advantages of Data Files

With every sales or marketing campaign, it is important that you use your budget efficiently and achieve the highest possible response. This is only possible if the data you use is current and complete. The many marketing features help you with good segmentation and a precise selection of your most promising target group.
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Full specifications and features

Our database is market-wide and contains more than 3 million addresses of organizations, freelancers, government, institutions, foundations and associations. The database is unique because of extra marketing information with which you can select a target group in detail or approach the market very focused.

  • region
  • activity
  • contact person
  • employee class
  • turnover class
  • growing
  • mail-order sensitive
  • start-ups
  • recently moved
  • head office / branche office
  • multiple webshops
  • franchisor / franchisee
  • importing / exporting
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Ordering a data file online is easy. You decide how many characteristics you want to receive. Make your file as specific as you want.

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