What is Data Management?

Do you have multiple files or do you doubt their actuality or completeness? Good data is crucial; to draw conclusions, make decisions and get and stay in touch with your customers. We help you to merge, update and add data to an ideal source file.

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The advantages of Data Management

By combining individual files and information into a single source file and updating and enriching it using our market-wide B2B database, you save time and money. You have all the information for effective customer contact within reach.

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Full specifications and features

Reliable information is essential for making successful decisions, managing processes and effective customer contact. We help you to combine large amounts of data and validate and add information. DR3Data has a current and uniform reference database. With our programs we optimally link data to your file. Your file is updated and enriched with the best possible results. That’s how we make more profit possible.

Your options summed up:

  • Linking files to a well-organized total picture
  • Update the file so that you have the right information
  • Data licenses: continuous updating
  • Creating a source file for Data Intelligence

Discover opportunities in the market by comparing your database with our current data from the total Dutch business community.

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